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If you want to create a kitchen that all the family will love and enjoy, it's important to take your time on the design to ensure it reflects you as a family. A timeless design should be quite soft and neutral in palette to avoid it becoming dated too quickly, but remember to go with your instincts – there's no point choosing something that you're going to get fed up with. It's a great idea to create a mood board with a collection of colours, patterns and designs that inspire you. You can even get the whole family involved with a digital mood board, like Pinterest, where you can combine all of your ideas to create the dream kitchen.

Ashton kitchen in light grey
Colour mood palette


Begin by choosing your colour palette and door style. Try and limit the palette to a maximum of three colours as this will help to keep the overall design focused, which is important in a timeless kitchen. Explore traditional tones and classic colours that you have always loved, as these are less likely to become boring or dated. With you cabinet doors, try and choose a classic style, like a shaker finish, as well as staying away from anything too ornate or modern as these may date quickly.


If you want to create a timeless kitchen that will last for years to come it's essential that you invest in high quality cabinets and great storage options as these are the backbone of any good kitchen. Look for features like dovetail joints and soft close cabinets, as these will help your kitchen stand the test of time. It's also a good idea to integrate your appliances if possible, as this prevents older appliances looking outdated in the future, as they are concealed behind cabinet doors.

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