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What desk should I choose? 

Your desk is the central element of your home office around which all other items revolve. Therefore, it’s essential that it provides a solid basis to meet your day-to-day work requirements, whatever the task at hand.

There are several factors that influence how to choose a home office desk. The first of these is space. How much space do you have available in your home office and how much space do you need to accommodate the equipment that allows you to perform your work optimally? Such equipment may include your computer, additional monitors, office supplies, and printers.

Based on this information, you will be able to identify your desk requirements in terms of surface space, built-in storage, desk size and shape. Finally, it’s important to consider your personal style so you know exactly how to choose a desk you’ll love.

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What office chair should I choose?  

Next up: how to choose a chair for home office purposes. Again, there are several factors to consider, including material, size, comfort, design, features, and adjustability.

The best office chair is a good physical fit for you, allowing easy movement, comfort, and good posture. It is also well matched to the rest of your workstation setup, which may include equipment layout, desk height, and desk space for armrests. With this in mind, you’ll know how to choose a desk chair with the features you need for a super comfortable workspace. 

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What storage solutions should I choose to create an organised workspace? 

An organised workspace is absolutely vital for optimal productivity. The best way to clear the clutter, particularly if your home office is quite small, is with effective home office storage solutions. Bookcases and display units, filing cabinets, and sideboards are among the most effective options available. 

Bookcases and display units

The right bookcase or display unit can bring style and order to any home office space. They create storage and surface space within your office, so you can use them for practical purposes and to add some finishing home décor touches to personalise your workspace.


Sideboards aren’t just for the dining room. They can provide plenty of convenient storage and surface space and come in designs to suit any home office needs.

If your home office is quite spacious, you can opt for a large, wide sideboard that really brings the space together. Meanwhile, if you’re a little short on space, a smaller sideboard presents a convenient storage solution to make the most of your space. Simply decide on the size and style you like, and you can choose a sideboard that’s perfect for your home office.

You can also dress your sideboard beautifully to create a more visually appealing space. Throw in an elegant filing cabinet or two and you’ll soon have a home office as stunning as it is organised.

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