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What is an industrial kitchen?

Industrial kitchens use simple features with 'raw' styling to create a space that feels open and easy to navigate. They tend to incorporate big, boxy shapes like kitchen islands and chunky work surfaces, which are both useful and easy to maintain.

With a bit of a factory-inspired touch, industrial kitchens mix old and new elements to create a stripped-back atmosphere where cooking, socialising, and eating will feel effortless and relaxed.

Open shelving is a classic component of industrial design, and makes it easy for you to access your essentials while also displaying your favourite pieces.

Consider choosing an open shelving unit, or fitting individual shelves across your walls. If you have a large kitchen, you can use upcycled furniture, such as a refurbished, simply-styled bookshelf, to add an antique touch.


Pan drawer option


Integrated dishwashers, hobs, and wine coolers create a sleek finish, in line with the fuss-free aesthetic of industrial design.

You can keep it simple and hide appliances behind cupboard doors, or embrace the bare bones style of industrial kitchen design and leave it all on show.


Industrial kitchens tend to be fairly subtle in terms of the overall design, so you can spruce up your space by including a bold piece of statement art.

A bright print will look even sharper against the simple backdrop, and your industrial kitchen is the perfect place to show off a framed picture or sprawling piece of wall art. Alternatively, consider adding a chalkboard wall, which can look trendy and prove useful for making lists and reminders.

chalk board wall


Industrial kitchens tend to use dark colours to create a simple yet sophisticated look. To help open up the space, layer different tones across the room and mix shades of black and grey to avoid creating a monotone scheme.

As dark kitchens can sometimes feel small, consider choosing a gloss finish on your units, floor, or worktops and adding splashes of white or pale grey to encourage light to reflect around the room.

dark slate wall with dishwasher
waterfall worktop

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